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Proper Workplace Ergonomics

Proper Workplace Ergonomics

Many people who work in an office believe that they are not at risk for workplace injuries. Just because you don't work with heavy machinery or at great heights, it doesn't mean that you are safe from injury. If you neglect proper workplace ergonomics, you can suffer from neck and back pain. To prevent this type of work injury, there are a few tips that you should follow. If you do suffer from a work injury, the professionals at Cox Chiropractic Clinic can help.

Proper Posture

The way that you sit at your desk is essential in preventing a work injury. Slouching can put excess stress on your spine and shoulders, which can result in pain. It is best to sit in a chair with lumbar support. Also, it is important to keep your feet flat on the floor.

 Keep Frequently Used Items Close

You should keep your desk set up in a way that prevents strain. Items that you frequently use, such as your phone, stapler, and pens should be kept within arm’s reach to avoid overstretching. Frequent reaching and stretching can cause a painful strain.

Use Wrist Pads

Typing and using a mouse all day can put excess strain on your wrists. Over time, this can cause a condition called carpal tunnel. This condition causes pain and weakness in the hands and wrists. The best way to protect yourself is to use a wrist pad for your keyboard and mouse.

Use a Headset

If you spend a large portion of the day on the phone, you should consider using a headset. Cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder can result in neck strain. It can also cause shoulder pain.  

Take Frequent Breaks

Sitting for long periods can put excess strain on your spine, resulting in neck and back pain. It is a good idea to get up every few hours. Taking 10 to 15 minutes every few hours to walk around will relieve the excess stress on your spine, give you a chance to stretch your legs, and give your eyes a chance to rest, preventing eye strain.

If you are suffering from neck, back, or shoulder pain as a result of poor workplace ergonomics, our chiropractor at Cox Chiropractic Clinic in Charlottesville VA can create a treatment plan to help relieve your pain. We can also give you tips to prevent workplace injuries in the future. You can call us at 434-293-6165 to schedule an appointment today!


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