What to Expect


                On your first visit, one of our doctors will take time to thoroughly understand and document the history of your injury.  A proper, detailed history can often suggest the cause of symptoms before an evaluation is even performed.  Understanding the specifics of your injury ensures we perform the proper evaluation.  There is no charge for a consultation in our office, so if Dr. Fusco or Dr. Cox does not think chiropractic would be helpful at this point, no examination will be performed and a referral would be suggested.


                One of our doctors will perform a complete chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurologic examination in attempt to identify, a) the location of your injury, b) the tissue (muscle, nerve, ligament…) that is injured, c) the severity of your injury, and d) the cause of your injury. 


                Not all patients require x-rays in our office.  However, there are many times when the examination allows us to identify certain aspects of your injury such as the location and severity, but an x-ray may be needed to identify the root cause.  Rest assured, if x-rays are necessary there is very limited exposure, and only the absolutely needed x-rays will be taken. 

 Report of Findings

                Every person and every injury is unique.  During your report of findings, Dr. Fusco or Dr. Cox will answer the following four important questions regarding your injury:  1) “What’s wrong with me?”  A correct diagnosis is the most crucial and important step, as it helps determine: 2) ”Can you help me?”  If yours is an injury related to the alignment or motion of one of the vertebra of the spine, pelvis, or other joints, the answer will likely be YES!  If the alignment appears normal on x-ray, it is likely the doctor will refer you to a different specialist.  3)  “How long will it take?”  If chiropractic will be successful, we will discuss a specific treatment plan detailing the duration and frequency of your care, as well as home stretches or exercises that may be helpful in speeding the healing process.  4) “How much will it cost?”  Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all, one of our staff will discuss the cost of your treatment, including co-pays or co-insurance, or deductibles.  If necessary, we will gladly make payment arrangements at that time.  


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