Spinal Trauma

Why Chiropractic Care Is The Best For Spinal Trauma

Getting you relieved of spinal trauma is one of our core services at Cox Chiropractic Clinic, Charlottesville, VA. We all know that the spinal cord is invariably the most important part of the body as serious damage to it can result in permanent paralysis. According to a reliable report, about half a million of people encounter spinal injuries every year.


As a chiropractor, we have handled so many cases of spinal injuries, both traumatic and non-traumatic ones. While there are many causes of spinal trauma, find the commonest ones below.

Major causes of spinal trauma:

  • Sports injury
  • Violence (being hit with weapons or gunshots)
  • Falls
  • Complications from medical procedures
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Medical conditions like Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis

As a leading chiropractor in Charlottesville VA, we usually encourage our patients to choose chiropractic methods to treat spinal injuries, pains, and other conditions because of the benefits of the therapeutic methods.

Benefits of chiropractic care

It gets to the root of the pain: It is common for some pains to relapse because the treatment didn’t get to the root. So, the patient gets relieved temporarily. On the other hand, our chiropractic methods will get to the main cause of the pain and resolve it permanently.

Little side effects: Unlike other methods, the treatment has little side effects. Apart from your body getting sore for a few days, it has no other negative effects. You should understand that it involves some exercises and if you have not been exercising your body, it may get sore. However, the soreness will fizzle out in a couple of days.

It involves no medication: You will never have to take any drug either orally or through injection. So, issues of addiction will never happen. In addition, it has no contraindication. For instance, there are drugs you can’t take when you on other medications. There are so many pills you can’t take when you are pregnant. This is not the case with our chiropractic care. We will only tailor the treatments to suit each patient’s conditions and medical history. In other words, the therapy is individualistic. That’s the main reason for its high success rate.

After the treatment, we will also offer some other complementary therapies to facilitate recovery. We recommend electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to control pain from inflammation and to also strengthen the affected muscles. Another way we reduce pain is through acupuncture. We apply it to the meridian points to aid sensory functions.

To improve circulation and increase range of motion, we also give massage therapies. Sometimes, spinal injuries cause swelling in some parts of the body. That’s why we also offer ultrasound therapy to reduce swelling and increase blood flow.

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