Pinched Nerves

Address Your Pinched Nerve Problem with the Aid of a Charlottesville VA Chiropractor

Not every injury is the result of some accident or the symptom of a disease. Sometimes, there are things that can go wrong in your body even if you’re just going through a normal day. Case in point, a pinched nerve can adversely affect many of us, but its ill effects don’t have to last long if you head to the Cox Chiropractic Clinic in Charlottesville VA.


How Do You Get a Pinched Nerve?

The feeling of having a pinched or compressed nerve is something you may already be familiar with. If you’re suddenly experiencing a tingling sensation or a sharp pain from a part of your body that didn’t present an issue just recently, you may be dealing with a compressed nerve.

Compressed nerves can also make their presence felt in other ways. Numbness can be symptomatic of a compressed nerve and the same can be said for weakened muscles.

Needless to say, having a compressed nerve anywhere inside your body can be really unpleasant. You may find it difficult to complete even simple tasks because of it.

The problem is that this issue is not that easy to avoid.

A nerve in your body may become pinched through the simple repetition of motion. If plenty of pressure is being placed on a specific part of your body through repetitive motions, the odds of a nerve there being compressed increase.

You don’t even have to be active to get this problem.

Sleep the wrong way with a part of your body left in the wrong position for an extended period of time and you may wake up to the symptoms presented by this condition.

Is a Pinched Nerve a Major Cause for Concern?

Your pain tolerance will play a role in whether you can handle the symptoms of this condition. Some people may be able to endure the problem for a while and wait until it goes away on its own.

If the symptoms associated to the compressed nerve do disappear rather quickly, then you have no reason to worry.

You will have to take things more seriously if the symptoms don’t subside right away. Continuous pressure on the already compressed nerve can lead to permanent damage.

How a Chiropractor Can Help with your Compressed Nerve

Compressed nerve may be caused in part by a joint that is not properly aligned with the rest of your body. If that’s what is ailing you, then going to a chiropractor for treatment can help.

The adjustments chiropractors make can effectively relieve the pressure on certain parts of your body, thus addressing the compressed nerves in the process.

For residents of Charlottesville VA who are struggling with compressed nerves, a visit to the Cox Chiropractic Clinic can provide the relief they need.


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